Episode  Summary:

In this episode, we speak with Mark Cusack, CTO at Yellowbrick. Yellowbrick is a data warehouse platform that was built from the ground up for performance and cost that can be deployed across clouds and on-prem.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

  1. Yellowbrick DW was recently named a contender in Cloud Data Warehouses by Forrester Research and they are able to achieve 100X performance at 1/5th the price​ against many competitors.

  2. As data production is exponentially increasing at the “edge” the need to pre-process and keep the data where it is is becoming critical. The distributed cloud model helps solve this increasing problem.

  3. Yellowbrick was created from the ground up with a focus on performance and cost, a few of its technical features include a custom Linux-based OS kernel, data is read directly from primary storage into the CPU cache, and custom network drivers.


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