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The Data Warehouse for Distributed Clouds

In this episode, we speak with Mark Cusack, CTO at Yellowbrick. Yellowbrick is a data warehouse platform that was built from the ground up for performance and cost that can be deployed across clouds and on-prem.

Reduce Data Movement and Decrease Processing Times with a Machine Scale Feature Store(Molecula)

In this episode, we speak with H.O. Maycotte. H.O. is the CEO/founder of Molecula, an enterprise feature store that simplifies, accelerates, and controls big data access to power machine-scale analytics and AI.Molecula is powered by Pilosa, an open source project created by H.O. and team. Pilosa eliminates the need to copy data between systems in order to make it accessible for analytical and machine learning purposes at scale. Leading companies like Spotify, Hulu, Uber, Zillow, ESPN are all utilizing Pilosa.

The Importance of Self Service BI with 5xData

In this episode, we speak with Tarush Aggarwal. Tarush is the founder of 5xdata, where he helps companies build a strong data foundation with self-service BI to enable the business. Prior to starting 5xData he was one of the first data engineers on the analytics team Salesforce and helped scale the data team WeWork from 5 to 100+.