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Data Quality

Increase the Quality and Reliability of Your Data

In this episode, we speak with Lior Gavish, the co-founder of Monte Carlo to explore all things data quality. Monte Carlo is a data lineage and observability tool that lowers your data downtime.

Become a Data Driven Organization with Christina Stathopoulos an Analytical Lead at Waze @Google

In this episode, we speak with Christina Stathopoulos who works at Google as an Analytical Lead with Waze, a crowdsourced mobile navigation app. She is also an adjunct professor at IE Business School and guest lecturer at ISDI where she teaches analytics courses in the MBA programs. In this episode we will discuss the current landscape of data, challenges organizations face when becoming data driven, and top reasons AI projects fail.

Cleaning Dirty Data with the Classification Guru

In today’s episode, we will speak with Susan Walsh and learn why organizations struggle with creating and maintaining high-quality data and the steps she takes to resolve data issues. Susan Walsh has nearly a decade of experience fixing your data and founded the classification guru. Susan is a specialist in data classification and data cleansing. She is passionate about helping you find the value in cleaning your dirty data and raises awareness of the consequences of ignoring issues through our blog, webinars, and speaking engagements.

Data Teams: A Unified Management Model for Successful Data-Focused Teams

In today’s episode, we will speak with Jesse Anderson and learn how to run successful big data projects and how to resource your teams. Jesse is a big data expert at Big Data Institute, who’s worked with startups to Fortune 100 companies. He has taught over 30,000 people the skills to become data engineers and is published in prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, NPR, Engadget, and Wired.