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What You Should Know Before Getting Started With Data Science with DATA SCIENCE I N F I N I T Y

In this episode, we speak with Andrew Jones who has spent 13 years in Data Science at companies including Amazon & more recently Sony PlayStation where he developed and prototyped Machine Learning based features for the PlayStation 5, several of which have been patented by Sony. Since then he has created the  DATA SCIENCE I N F I N I T Y community to support folks on there data science journey.

Become a Data Driven Organization with Christina Stathopoulos an Analytical Lead at Waze @Google

In this episode, we speak with Christina Stathopoulos who works at Google as an Analytical Lead with Waze, a crowdsourced mobile navigation app. She is also an adjunct professor at IE Business School and guest lecturer at ISDI where she teaches analytics courses in the MBA programs. In this episode we will discuss the current landscape of data, challenges organizations face when becoming data driven, and top reasons AI projects fail.

The Importance of Self Service BI with 5xData

In this episode, we speak with Tarush Aggarwal. Tarush is the founder of 5xdata, where he helps companies build a strong data foundation with self-service BI to enable the business. Prior to starting 5xData he was one of the first data engineers on the analytics team Salesforce and helped scale the data team WeWork from 5 to 100+.

Azure Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft with Chris Testa-O’Neill

In today’s episode, you will hear from Chris Testa-O’Neill, a thought leader in the Microsoft Data and AI space, currently part of the World Wide Learning team at Microsoft scaling his knowledge to thousands of people through his official Microsoft Learn content and Microsoft courses.

How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage with Doug Laney

In today’s episode, you hear from Doug Laney best-selling author and recognized authority on data and analytics strategy. Doug’s book, Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information for Competitive Advantage, was selected by CIO Magazine as the “Must-Read Book of the Year” and one of the “Top 5 Books for Business Leaders and Tech Save Innovators.”