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Reduce Data Movement and Decrease Processing Times with a Machine Scale Feature Store(Molecula)

In this episode, we speak with H.O. Maycotte. H.O. is the CEO/founder of Molecula, an enterprise feature store that simplifies, accelerates, and controls big data access to power machine-scale analytics and AI.Molecula is powered by Pilosa, an open source project created by H.O. and team. Pilosa eliminates the need to copy data between systems in order to make it accessible for analytical and machine learning purposes at scale. Leading companies like Spotify, Hulu, Uber, Zillow, ESPN are all utilizing Pilosa.

Why You Should Be Using (CDC) Change Data Capture for Ingestion with Datacoral

In this episode, we speak with Raghu Murthy. He is the founder of Datacoral, which provides serverless architectures that support data pipelines and orchestration to facilitate ELT into your Data Warehouse. Prior to founding Datacoral he was at Yahoo, Facebook and was part of the initial team that developed Hive. In this episode we will explore the best patterns for ingesting operational data into your data warehouse, creating metadata first architectures and the role Datacoral serves.

Transportation Modeling and Autonomous Vehicles with Matthew Battifarano

In this episode, we speak with Matt Battifarano. Matt is a data scientist focusing on transportation modeling. He first started his career as a data scientist at a startup called Bridj where they created a smart micro-bus platform for urban transit similar to Uber Pool. Currently he’s working towards his PHD at Carnegie Mellon at their Mobility Data Analytics Center.

The Importance of Self Service BI with 5xData

In this episode, we speak with Tarush Aggarwal. Tarush is the founder of 5xdata, where he helps companies build a strong data foundation with self-service BI to enable the business. Prior to starting 5xData he was one of the first data engineers on the analytics team Salesforce and helped scale the data team WeWork from 5 to 100+.

The Next Wave of AI and Creating Intelligent Cognitive Assistants with aigo.ai

In today’s episode, we will speak with Peter Voss and discuss the current landscape of AI, the next wave of AI called Artificial General Intelligence, and how organizations today can level up their chatbots to create satisfied customers. Peter Voss is a Serial Entrepreneur, and Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. Who coined the term ‘AGI’ (Artificial General Intelligence) with fellow luminaries in the space.

At the age of 25 Peter, IPO’ed a company he started that grew to over 400 people. Since then he’s been focusing on AI and recently launched aigo.ai an intelligent cognitive assistant that delivers highly intelligent and hyper-personalized conversational assistants at scale for the enterprise.

DataOps Is Not Just DevOps for Data with DataKitchen

I’m really excited about this episode where we will do a deep dive into DataOps and discuss how organizations can get started implementing it today. To share his expert thoughts we have brought on the mic a pioneer in this space, Chris Berg,

Chris is the CEO at DataKitchen a DataOps platform that simplifies complex data toolchains and environments. Chris has more than 30 years of research, software engineering, data analytics, and executive management experience. At various points in his career, he has been a COO, CTO, VP, and Director of engineering. Chris is a recognized expert on DataOps. He is the co-author of the ‘DataOps Cookbook” and the “DataOps Manifesto,” and a speaker on DataOps at many industry conferences.

Cleaning Dirty Data with the Classification Guru

In today’s episode, we will speak with Susan Walsh and learn why organizations struggle with creating and maintaining high-quality data and the steps she takes to resolve data issues. Susan Walsh has nearly a decade of experience fixing your data and founded the classification guru. Susan is a specialist in data classification and data cleansing. She is passionate about helping you find the value in cleaning your dirty data and raises awareness of the consequences of ignoring issues through our blog, webinars, and speaking engagements.